Goce Tanevski Rabotilnica

Goce Tanevski

Goce is the owner and founder of the shop. He is the main driving force behind what’s happening.

  • Freeride Snowboarding 100%
  • Mountain Bike Downhill 80%
  • Cross country Mountainbike 100%
Viktor Rabotilnica

Viktor Talus

Viktor is riding BMX almost all of his life. He is one of the Rabotilnica BMX crew and currently helping servicing skis and snowboards @ Rabotilnica.

  • BMX 100%
  • Freeride Snowboard 80%
  • Making People Happy 100%
Ivan Kuzmanovski Rabotilnica

Ivan Kuzmanovski

Ivan Kuzmanovski is an ex Mountain Bike racer, currently focused on Cross Country Mountain Bike.

  • Mountain Bike 100%
  • Cross Country 100%
  • Getting involved in crazy stuff 100%

Mario Andreev

Mario is one of the best BMX riders in Macedonia and is helping with ski, snowboard and bike service in Rabotilnica. An important part of the Rabotilnica crew.

  • BMX 100%
  • Snowboard, Ski and Bike Service 100%
Stefan Dodic Rabotilnica

Stefan Dodic

Stefan Dodic is a downhill rider, who has currently started snowboarding. He is a crucial part of the crew, joining for most of the trips.

  • Downhill Mountain Bike 100%
  • Snowboard 20%


Blacky is a driving power behind the Macedonian BMX scene. Being one of the most active riders, he is among the very few, known for their cool tricks.

  • BMX 100%
  • BMX 100%
  • BMX 100%

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

Korab Mountain

Сезоната 2012/13 прв пат добив идеа дека би требало некогаш да одам на Кораб. Подвигот не би бил мал, но гледајќи ја планината сигурно би бил многу исполнувачки. Тогаш турно и freeride сцената уште беше млада и малкубројните луѓе кои се движат во оваа сцена во тој...

Freeride in February

Last weekend we had some freeride fun. The SSNL from Bitola did organize it for us. We’ve spent the Saturday at the Snow Park they have build, slept in the super comfortable and cozu hotel Shumski Feneri and on Sunday we have left with a cat towards the virgin...

Echo Film Fest

In 2014 we did participate and even won a prize at Echo Film Festival in Skopje, Macedonia. You will see in our short movie Ivan Kuzmanovski, speaking about his Mountain Bike Downhill career in Macedonian : ) Амплитуда from Eho mountain film days on Vimeo....