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Ski and Snowboard Service

If you need your gear meticulously fixed, this is the place to be. For the past three years, most of the freeride snowboarders and skiers in Macedonia became our clients.

Your new gear

If you need your new skis or splitboard, prepared for the season, Rabotilnica is the place to be. We have everything needed to set up your new stuff for the mountain.




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Quality Gear


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Backcountry Access

This winter we are offering BCA equipment. You can download the price list from here. If you are a passionate freeride snowboarder or skier you would know the Backcountry Access brand. It is one of the preferred providers of safety equipment in the world you can get... read more

Jones Snowboards

Starting this season, you can find Jones snowboards in Rabotilnica. After a while practicing Freeride and Splitboarding, we have decided to start working with Jones. The boards are of very high quality, using latest technologies and perfect for Freeride. We are sure... read more

The Balkan Bike Festival

Bon Giorno! The Balkan Bike Festival, organized by Oxygen club and the BMX part of the event, supported by Rabotilnica went just great. The weather was sunny, the benches full of audience, the riders in perfect shape and Djs kick-ass! We had a Big Air Bag, brought by... read more

Snowboard and Ski Service

Repair Products

We use only high quality plastic and wax to service your stuff.

Repair Process

You can rely on us. We will take the time needed to make the best out your old board or skis.


We will service your gear at a good price and will take into account whether it is severely damaged or not.

We work with love

Everything we do by hand. You will not find half of your skis missing, because they were just put in a machine.


We guarantee the quality of our work. If you are not happy how your board or skis were repaired, you can get one service free.

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And if you tell a friend about us, you have a coffee from us! :}

Jones Snowboards

Since the beginning of this year, we have started promoting our favorite brand – Jones in Macedonia.

Without any advertising we have started selling, which makes us believe there are a lot of fans in our little country.

You can see the trailer of Jeremy Jones’s last movie.

If you are interested, take a closer look at the separate Jones page we’ve put on our website.

Jones Snowboards